David A. Paul

David A. Paul

the 2018 david a. paul scholarship

David was raised in Oklahoma City and has lived in Arkansas since 1989. A licensed pilot for 46 years, following college and a brief career in Mechanical Engineering, 2017 marks the 40th year of his continuing professional aviation career as a Flight Instructor and Corporate Pilot. David has served as Chief Pilot for ALLTEL and Westrock Aviation. This year a scholarship is being awarded in David's name as the Arkansas Aviation Historical Society continues the tradition of honoring those in our community who have been instrumental in growing General Aviation in the State of Arkansas in addition to their numerous contributions around the nation.

We thank you, David, for your lifelong commitment to aviation. We are pleased to honor you, once again, in 2018 with a Scholarship which will bear your name. 


Honored with a scholarship donation in his name by an anonymous local benefactor, David is thrilled to be part of the furtherance of Aviation Education in Arkansas through the efforts of The Arkansas Aviation Historical Society.